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                                                                     Ring measurement

1. Get a piece of string or cut a thin piece of paper and wrap it around your finger firmly. (ensure the paper/string sits firmly on your finger, just like how you would want the ring to fit)

2. Mark the string or piece of paper, allow a little extra room and cut.

3. Create a circle with your paper/string by joining where marked.

4. Use a ruler to measure across the circle, to measure the diameter (mm)

5. Kindly match your results with the table below to find your perfect size.


Quick Tip:

Please choose the ring size that is closest to your diameter if you are between sizes.

If you have an existing ring, you can simply measure the diameter and use the table below to find your most appropriate size.


In the unlikely event that your order is damaged, we will be more than happy to organise an exchange or store credit.

We are not able to accept damage for styles that have been damaged through wear and tear, sun exposure or tarnishing through the use of perfumes or lotions.

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