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Our Story

Poise & Grace is a Christian luxury brand based in the UK that teaches women to be luxurious to themselves. Not through vanity or material things, but through self-care and knowing one's value.

Founded by recording artist and entrepreneur Samilia,​ Poise & Grace draws inspiration from the term "black girl luxury," which is a term that is used to celebrate black women living in luxury, as this is quite rare to see.  At Poise & Grace , we believe that everyone deserves to feel luxurious and we are dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable products to all.  Our pieces are purposely named to match the characteristics we believe a woman of Poise & Grace should have and we aim to help you to feel more confident and beautiful within your skin.


POISE-(noun): "graceful and elegant bearing in a person"

GRACE: -The basis for the Christian faith. We are saved by faith through Grace.  Grace cannot be earned; it is something that is freely given to us by God.

Our Mission

  • To break the stigma around black luxury and help all to see luxury starts within

  • To empower women/men with the knowledge on how to be luxurious to themselves .

  • To encourage young women to break barriers and create their own lane if they are denied access.

Not only do we sell luxury items, we also have a podcast called the living lavish podcast, where we empower our listeners with knowledge on how to value themselves and be luxurious to themselves through self care and more .

Now is the perfect time to unveil the best version of yourself, and with our collections being refreshed and updated regularly, you will always be on trend. So choose from some of the most elegant pieces in our collection and be a woman of Poise & Grace. 


Luxury isn’t just a lifestyle, it's who you are- Samilia H-M


"Clothe yourself with the beauty that comes from within"- 1 Peter 3:4


                                                                                                          Poise & Grace - "The Luxury Within" 

"Luxury Isn't Out Of Reach, It's Within You" - Samilia H-M

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